• 'Hand' is a weapon with the range of a dagger.
  • 'Close' is a weapon with the range of a sword.
  • 'Reach' is a weapon with the range of a polearm or spear.
  • 'Near' is the ranged of a shortbow.
  • 'Far' is the range of a longbow. 
  • 'Precise' Weapons with the Precise tag make you hack and slash with DEX.
  • 'Strong' Weapons with the Strong tag make you volley with STR. 
  • 'Clumsy' items give you -1 ongoing while you wear them. 
  • 'Dangerous' items are more likely to backfire and harm you. 
  • 'Awkward' items are more likely to drop or miss. 
  • '+1 damage' means the damage you deal is increased by 1. '+1 armor' means your armor is increased by 1.
  • The rest of the tags are subject to the players and GM's interpretation. If in doubt, the GM has the final say.

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