Name: Sizzle

Class: Monk

Level: 1

Current XP: 0

Title: The Fennec Furnace

Description/Lore/Whatever: A 3'0 fennec efreeti, who knows martial arts. He's adventuring for the sake of the Sulfur Sultanate, but his magnaminous spirit sometimes puts him at odds with their desires. He's also kind of a horndog.


  • Flag 1 Surprise -- Be shocked by what someone so small can do.
  • Flag 2 Foolish Friendship -- Let me help someone despite it being the dumb choice.
  • Flag 3 Hot-Headed -- Make a bad bet and let me take it.

Background: Mentor; when someone asks you for help, and you answer truthfully and wisely, they take +1 forward when acting on the answers.


Str 16
Dex 13
Con 15
Int 9
Wis 8
Cha 11
Lib 12
Max HP: 25

Damage: 1d10 + 3

Armor: 2

Appeal: 1d6

Max Carry Load: 24

General Moves

  • Chi Fighter: Take 1d4 damage and gain chi. You can gain up to 3 chi. Each point of chi gives you +1 damage and +1 lust. Lose your chi when you leave battle.
  • Deft Steps: When you have no armor or shield, gain +1 armor. Also, when you're in your opponents reach but they're out of yours, you don't need to roll defy danger to approach them.
  • Whirlwind: When you attack two targets simultaneously, roll hack and slash once with a -1, and apply the result to both targets. Roll damage twice and apply the higher damage to both targets.
  • Meditate: When you concentrate your focus and energy into healing, roll+CON. On a hit, you are restored; heal 2d10 HP or reduce lust by 2d10. On a 7-9, your lack of awareness is taken advantage of or the strain injures you somehow, GM's choice. 
  • Living Weapon: Your whole body is an effective weapon. Sizzle learned the Hot Coal Palm technique form the Sulfur Sultanate's dojo. He's trained himself to further the interests of his race. When he Hack and Slashes, he uses his strength, his damage is +1, and his attacks are forceful.

Sex Moves

  • Pleasure Points: When you attack via pressure points, you can deal your damage, deal lust damage, or cause a short term ailment that lasts as long as the battle does.
  • Limber Limbs: When you know your foes weakest point, your attacks get +2 piercing and its treated as a pressure point, as long as you hit it.
  • Sizzling Spear: When you penetrate someone, your steamy body leaves them trembling and feeling weird. As long as the target can appreciate the heat, they become too relaxed to properly fight you. If used on an alley, this causes the Ditzy status effect.


  • Weighted Clothing: 1 Armor, 3 Weight
  • Fist Wraps: hand to hand, 2-handed, +1 damage, +1 weight
  • Nunchaku: Close, 2-handed, +1 damage, 2 weight

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