Name Rosa Thug
Species Rodent, Mouse
Size Halfling-size (small, close, group)
Health 6
Armour Leather (1 armour)
Tags Deft, Deceit and Trickery
Main Attack Hack and Slash (Damage: d8+0)
Sex Attack N/A
Moves • Make an offer they can't refuse

• Bring in more muscle

• Use poisons and dirty tricks

• Stab someone in the back

Description As with any member of the Rosa crime syndicate, these rodents proudly present a single rose, pinned to their leather vests. It is, however, the only flowery thing about them, even despite their small demeanour and rodent heritage.

Scars typically disturb their otherwise silky fur, creating frequent divides into uncanny tufts. Their brutish stature, with broad shoulders that looked certainly unnatural on a mouse and taut muscles keeping the terrain of fuzz above them uneven and odd, made people take them seriously, even if the rose on the chest didn't faze them.

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