Or Recurring Villains!

Qil-Killain, The Mystery of Aethers: A mysterious cosmic force which spreads an odd corruption that appears to be some kind of star-shaped pattern. Its associated with the starry sky, earthworms, and the color yellow. It's influence is insidious, and little is known of its plans. Nemesis of the Starry Mosiac.

Thaddius: A Bronze Adonis (A man-shaped phylactery gussied up with the most potent of spells into moving, looking, and talking like an extremely handsome man) housing the soul of a powerful warlock. His powers have been diminished by his countless battles, but he still schemes to regain his magical force and extend his influence across the world. Was once looked up to by Aude. Recently attempted to trap the guild with a frog statue trick, but was impressed by Zoht, Jakov, and Alixia, offering them a job outside of the guild and working for him.

The Leather-Clad Illithid: A tentacle faced beauty with a tight fitting roguish outfit and quite a few daggers. Psychic powers are her forte, although she has a soft spot for those small, adorable, and susceptible to mental commands... she's gained a condom-worth of Zoht's cum through sexual means.

Rakkisha, "The Visionary": Leader of the Harpy Kabal. She lead the operations that secured the Cloud Gardens and the Blacksea Fortress for the Kabal, practically putting them onto the map herself. She came into power about fifteen years ago.

Tama'Rhodes (Real name:  ̶̙̒̒ͬ̒̈́͛̓ ̱̮̙̝̳̆́̐̾ͭͭ͜ ̥̜̭̜̔̂͋̓͐ͬͣ ̑͒͌̋̔͌͂ ͡ ͈̳̺̏ͅ ͕͈̳ͭ ͖̻̪̲̠͚͑͌ ̯̖͚̿̉̐͢ ̸͉̤̋ ̙̠̪̤͖͕̖ͣ͘ ̶̣̯̰̯͕̮͕̂ͥͭ ͚̻̞͇̘ͤ)

The task force leader of the Uberfox invasion, vixens from space. Uberfoxes are dickgirls, 8 feet tall and endowed! They are here to collect earthly genetic samples specifically from foxes or foxlike creatures. The Uberfoxes seek to improve their genome towards perfection. They are responsible for multiple disappearances and even crashed a frat party full of foxes. Zoht negotiated with them as Mikkel Has, and struck a deal. Let's see how it goes!

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