This is the domain of Fate. You may interpret it as you like, but some aspects are set in stone, for the sake of sanity and consistency. Know this:

The Rules Do Not Apply Here Edit

Fate is most certainly not the deity of letting you do what you wanna do. Moves do not trigger normally in Fate's domain. In order to make a move, you must ask for permission. This move applies while you are in Fate's domain:

Ask Nicely
When you plead or politely ask Fate to let you make a move, roll+nothing.
✴On a 10+, you may make the move you want to make. Roll or resolve it as usual.
✴On a 7-9, choose one:
• You may make the move you want to make. Roll or resolve it as usual.
• You avoid paying the price.
If this sounds frustrating, that's intentional. Characters must rely more on their wits while in Fate's domain, rather than their souped-up powers.

There's Cool Stuff. Really! Edit

If you would consider Fate's Domain to be a grand palace, then it holds many grand treasures. That's all I'll say :^)

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