An unknowable horror from beyond the cold stars, building a gateway of souls to escape through.   Weird geometry   Dozens of alien eyes 

Domain: Time and Space 

Choose your patron’s basic gift: 

Unknowable Will  When you Discern Realities, on a 12+ your patron makes clear some detail of importance to him. If you can connect it to your mission, you take +1 forward on actions that involve that detail. This stacks with the +1 for acting on Discern Realities. If you cannot connect the information to your mission, your patron is angered and becomes hungry 

Beyond Your Ken  Your thoughts are touched directly by the madness of your patron, leaving an impression of their true nature. Whenever anyone attempts to influence your mind magically, or otherwise gain access to your thoughts, they take 1d8 damage that ignores armor regardless of the result. 

Advanced gifts: 

Intervention  If your Patron is sated, you may ask for aid. Choose Spout Lore, Discern Realities, or Parley. The next time you would roll for the chosen ability, you are infused with the knowledge of your patron, and succeed at 10+. After using this power, your patron becomes hungry, but desires more than usual. In addition to the normal requirement to be sated, the GM selects a second requirement. This occurs immediately, not when the bonus is used. 

Strange Aeons  You no longer need eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. These effects apply even while your patron is hungry, but in that case, you feel an incessant, gnawing hunger, causing you to take -1 ongoing until such time as they become sated again. 

Gift of the Gods  When you project the will of your patron another's mind, roll+CHA.  On a 10+, the target fills with the thoughts of your patron. Choose two from below to affect the target as they try to interpret the otherworldly visions. They will spread the effect to others until a small crowd is infected. It does not affect you or your allies. On a 7-9, same as a 10+, but the GM chooses one of the effects, and you and your allies are not immune.  • Mania  • Paranoia  • Panic  • Fear  • Aggression  • Lust 

Ultimate gift: 

Judgement of the Court  You choose an enemy and banish them to the Court of the Outer Gods. The Court does as they desire with the target and then return what remains. Roll +Cha.  10+: The banished person is returned as a horribly twisted mass of flesh. They would be unrecognizeable if not returned to the same location as they departed.  7-9: The person is returned whole, but with their mind completely shattered. They are completely mad and hostile to everyone. They fight with lethal force and will not stop until slain. Their targets are chosen at random.  6-: As 7-9, but your patron becomes hungry, and you take -1 ongoing until they are sated again.  Usable once per session.