Recipes are equivalent to spells. Alchemy is actually magical, not chemical, and it can be scientific. Treat alchemical recipe effects as ongoing magical effects. 

When a recipe specifies its duration, that's a general timeframe. A minutes-long duration will almost always last at least two minutes, sometimes five, maybe ten. It will never roll over into the next measurement, an hour. Similarly, a days-long duration won't last a week. 

If you're Brewing a lower level recipe, you may treat it as a higher level recipe, increasing the casting level by 4 in exchange for increasing the duration by a step. This is called boosting. 

Seconds -> Minutes -> Hours -> Days -> Weeks -> Months -> Years -> Decades 
Level 1 minutes -> Level 5 hours -> Level 9 days -> Level 13 weeks -> Level 17 months 

Boosting makes some recipes strengthen in level, rather than increase duration. 
Level 1 base strength -> Level 5 doubled strength -> level 9 quadrupled strength -> level 13 octopled strength -> level 17 epic strength 

Level 1 recipes 
Magiglide - The contents are a perfect lubricant, ensuring 0 friction. Lasts minutes. 
Gelatin - The contents congeal into a particularly thick gel, which hardly melts. Hours. 
Armor - The target takes +1 armor forward against the next attack. Seconds. 
Damage - The target takes +1 damage forward for their next attack. Seconds. 
Virility - The target's virility and fertility is increased. If impregnation is the slightest bit possible, it will happen. Hours. 
Shrink X - The target's particular body part is shrunken by a few inches. Lasts hours. 
Elasticity - The target is rendered thrice as stretchy in every way. Lasts for minutes. 
Wet - The area is dampened or the target is struck with sexual wetness. Effect strengthens with level. 
Scent - The target is doused with a very obvious scent. Minutes. 

Level 3 recipes 
Armor II - The target takes +2 armor forward against the next attack. Seconds. 
Damage II - The target takes +1d4 damage forward for their next attack. Seconds. 
Frigid - The area is cooled down or the target is struck with sexual frigidity. Effect strengthens with level. 
Heat - The area is warmed up or the target is struck with sexual heat. Effect strengthens with level. 
Enlarge X - The target's particular body part is enlarged by a few inches. Lasts hours. 
Malleable - The target is rendered significantly more malleable and pliant. Lasts minutes. 
Tweak - The target gains a minor feature, such as scales, extra nipples, and such. Lasts hours. 
Pheromone - A powerful pheromone that attracts attention and entices those nearby. Hours. 

Level 5 recipes 
Buff - The target gains 1d4 temporary HP. Temporary HP is reduced first. Seconds. 
Sticky - The contents thicken, rendering everything touched stuck, like glue. Lasts minutes. 
Cloud 9 - The contents thicken into a mist, which functions like a solid platform. Minutes. 
Invisibility - The target is rendered totally invisible, though it wears off more quickly with motion. Seconds. 
Curvy - The target appears more voluptuous. Effect strengthens with level. 
Minimize - The target's entire body is halved in size. Lasts minutes. 
Harden - The target is rendered much firmer and more solid. Lasts minutes. 
Junk - The target gains an extra sexual organ, such as a penis or vagina. Lasts minutes. 

Level 7 recipes 
Lactation - The target produces abundant milk. Effect strengthens with level. 
Truth - The target must speak the truth, and is irresistibly compelled to spill all the beans. Seconds. 
Tingly - The target's sexual sensations are enhanced and overwhelming. Sexual moves against the target are more effective, and take +1 ongoing. Seconds. 
Dry - The contents are water-phobic, rendering the area liquid-proof or the target able to walk on water or breathe beneath the surface. Seconds. 
Swole - The target appears more muscular. Effect strengthens with level. 
Faceless - The target's facial appearance is changed to one of your choosing. Lasts minutes. 
Gain - The target gains a significant feature, like a tail. Lasts hours. 
Girlify - The target becomes a cute femboy. Lasts hours. 
Dick-Girlify - The target becomes a sexy dickgirl. Lasts hours. 

Level 9 
Sperm Bank - The target's cum production is infinite. Lasts minutes. 
Mirage - Upon use, leaves an image of the drinker or surroundings lingering in an area, fooling onlookers. Minutes. 
Nymph - The target is sent into a sex-crazed mania. Minutes. 
Sex - The target's sex is changed to one of your choice. Lasts hours. 
Maximize - The target's entire body is doubled in size. Lasts minutes. 
Vice - The target is rendered incredibly tight, tighter than a virgin! Lasts minutes. 
Foursome - The target grows an extra pair of arms. Each one can wield another weapon for +1 damage, or one can wield an extra shield for +1 armor. Lasts minutes. 

Level 11 
Nose - The target's olfactory senses are enhanced, rendering scents incredibly intense. Minutes. 
Tongue - The target's gustatory senses are enhanced, rendering tastes incredibly intense. Minutes. 
Eye - The target's visual senses are enhanced, rendering sights more keen. Minutes. 
Ear - The target's auditory senses are enhanced, rendering sounds more keen. Minutes. 
Species - The target's species is changed to one of your choice. Lasts hours. 
Polymorph - The target is turned into something harmless, like a sheep. Lasts minutes. 
Double - One of the target's appendages are doubled in quantity. Lasts Minutes. 

Level 13 
Sperm storm - Sperm in the area gains a quality of your choosing, such as cold or wriggly. Lasts hours. 
Finger - The target's tactile senses are enhanced, rendering touch sensitive. Doubles the effect of 'Sensitivity'. Minutes. 
Location - All those splashed by the contents will have their locations swapped. Effect strengthens with level. 
Dumb - The target gains the Ditzy, Flustered, and Marked debilities. Minutes. 
Weak - The target gains the Weak, Shaky, and Ruined debilities. Minutes. 
Gender - The target's mental gender and mannerisms are changed to one of your choice. Lasts hours. 
Micro - The target is reduced to mere inches. Lasts minutes. 
Age - The target's age is increased significantly. Effect strengthens with level. 
Wings - Target grows wings. MINUTES. 

Level 15 
Hate - The target intensely despises the first one they see. Forever. 
Rage - The target deals +1d8 damage. Minutes. 
Kaboom - The target, uhhhmmm, explodes. Effect strengthens with level. 
Midas - The target is turned into gold. Lasts minutes. 
Change Other - Halve or double their size, and put them in a new form. They have all the traits of this new form, but keep their magic. 
Body swap - When two from the same batch are drunk, the imbibers' minds swap bodies. Hours. 
Triple - One of the target's appendages are quadrupled in quantity. MINUTES. 

Level 17 
Storm - A powerful storm is unleashed. Hours. 
Love - The target falls intensely in love with the first one they see. Forever. 
Sperm whale - Sperm in the area comes alive, and fights on your side. Lasts minutes. 
Calamity - Something really, really bad happens. Who knows? 
Herm - The target becomes an incredibly robust and endowed herm. The damage they deal and take is doubled, and they gain 1d10 maximum HP for the duration. Lasts hours. 
Macro - The target's size is increased by a factor of 10. Lasts minutes. 
Youth - The target's age is reduced significantly. Effect strengthens with level. 
Twist - The target gains a major feature, most anything you could imagine. HOURS.

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